Dubai as a Retirement Option

Most of us only dream of retiring to a beautiful, exotic place after we’ve ended our working years. However, for many it is a real possibility. If you are thinking of retiring away from home, there are a number of beautiful locations from which to choose. However, if you’ve paid attention to the recent buzz surrounding Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, you may realize that this could be the perfect location for you. There are a number of beautiful locations around the world that are worth visiting and seeing but Dubai provides a unique experience and it is one that many people, retirees included, don’t want to miss. Before choosing any definite location, research can help you to decide which locations are perfect for you and what you hope to get out of your retirement.

There are many benefits to retiring in the UAE. For one, its taxation is at one of the lowest levels in the world. This is because the revenue generated through oil manages to pay for much of the country’s public expenses. On the whole, your retirement annuity and income should last quite well if you choose to relocate to this country. Your spending and quality of life are something you should consider first when choosing a destination for your retirement years. You need to learn of the cost of everyday necessities in your chosen destination. You also need to research exactly how much money it will cost you to sustain your current lifestyle. If you are looking to maintain or even increase your quality of life, you obviously need to be looking for a place where your money can be stretched further than it can now. If that’s the case, the UAE may be a great destination for you to consider further.

The other aspect about Dubai that seems to be attracting retirees is the weather experienced in this part of the Middle East. It is well-known to be extremely dry and sunny here. When considering this area, you should think about how this climate can affect your health. For some, this weather is perfect and for others, the hot weather can negatively impact their health. For example, this climate is not idea for those who suffer from any underlying respiratory health problems. Temperatures in the UAE really do soar during the summer months and it is not unusual to see daily maxima reaching well above 40 degrees Celsius. So, this is something to think about before determining if this is the perfect place for you to retire.

Next, you should consider the government and laws of the area in which you are thinking of retiring, For the UAE, it is governed by some rather harsh and extreme Islamic laws. This means that it is not all that difficult to commit a crime that could land you in prison. Again, whether or not you can and want to deal with this is entirely up to you. It really is all about what you want during your years of retirement. For many retirees, the stringent law system many not prove to be an issue. Others will find it very hard to adapt to such a draconian legal system. It is all in your personal preference. However, one last aspect worth noting is that this area may not be the first choice for single-sex couples. The area is not particularly welcoming to this group of individuals and it may be too dangerous for them to retire to the UAE.

There are other laws that could potentially impact your ability to enjoy retirement while in the UAE. Again, this all depends on your lifestyle and what you hope to get from your retirement. For example, if retiring in the UAE, you would need to bear in mind that alcohol is not an acceptable part of the Islamic culture. So, if you are someone that enjoys the occasional, or more than occasional, alcoholic beverage, this area of the world may not be suitable for you. Of course, this will depend on your preferences and how important it is to you to have alcohol as part of your diet.

Moving to Dubai has become a huge aspiration for many retirees and there is no reason why a Westerner cannot adapt and make the most of their golden years in the sun here. Nevertheless, before you make any final decisions, it is important for you to fully acquaint yourself with all of the facts of the area. This is true of any destination you are considering for your retirement. It is important to learn about the laws and culture but also crucial that you learn about the cost of living so as to ensure that you are able to sustain the lifestyle you want during retirement.