Its Not All Bingo and Bowls You Know!

Most retirees feel stereotyped by their retirement status. They are often perceived as inactive and boring, leading very non-eventful lives after they have stopped working. Of course, there seems to be a stereotype present for nearly every age group or demographic. While the younger generation may have preconceived notions about what it means to be retired, we are all living for longer than ever before which means that we are living healthier lives. Because we are living longer, we are also staying more active, which should serve to change the way we perceive the average retired person of the 21st century. Long gone are the days when people were only retired a few years before passing away. With life expectancy continuing to increase, many individuals are living long into retirement, staying active and healthy for many years after they stop working.

Because retirees are staying more active than ever, many of their hobbies and interests would surprise a lot of the members of the younger generation. Many retirees even choose to take on a brand new hobby or challenge once they enter retirement. It is not all card games and bingo for retirees. Instead, many retirees love nothing more than a good dance class. Others enjoy gardening or staying fit through exercise or aerobics classes. Zumba is especially popular at the moment, but so too are other favourites such as ballroom dancing and even yoga. None of these activities exclude retirees and many individuals find that taking part in these activities and hobbies keeps them young and feeling healthy and happy.

Some rather interesting activities have also become popular among retirees. For example, even sailing is becoming increasingly popular among people of retirement age. When you bear in mind that we live on an island, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there are ample opportunities to pursue this leisure activity in this country. You could even book yourself onto courses where you can learn the ropes – literally! Sailing makes for a very team-spirited activity and can even be enjoyed by people who are less abled. You don’t have to be in perfect health to take part in and enjoy sailing. Instead, it can be an activity that gets you outside, breathing in fresh air, and staying active.

Because of the recent increase in life expectancy and the idea that many of us are living healthier lives for much longer, some consumers decide not to retire entirely. Instead, they choose to embark on a kind of semi-retirement. Many consumers can’t imagine quitting work entirely, especially if they still feel healthy and able to perform their job functions easily. For many, working keeps them young and feeling good. So, a semi-retirement turns out to be a great way of keeping your hand in the job market, but doing so under your own terms and conditions. You can draw an extra income through the work and at the same time make the most of the sociability that comes with still working. So, you can enjoy retirement to some extent while also making extra money and staying in contact with colleagues.

Retired individuals can pretty much be found in any leisure or sporting activity today. It is no longer just bingo and card games. We are living longer and healthier and there really is no limit to what retirees can accomplish and enjoy during their retirement years. Retirees can enjoy anything they choose, even so far as a parachute jump from an aeroplane or a bungee jump. If you want to do it and feel fit and healthy enough to take it on, the modern-day mentality absolutely seems to be to go for it. There is no limitation to your retirement years and you should take part in any activity or hobby that makes you happy. For those who have worked their whole lives and have been financially responsible, there is nothing that should step in the way of enjoying every minute of retirement to the fullest.

While every demographic and age group has its stereotypes, retirees are doing their part to shatter the preconceived notions that surround those who are in retirement. The idea that retired consumers spend their days bored and inactive is long gone. There are really no limits to what retires can do, accomplish, and enjoy in their retirement years. If you are close to retirement, think about trying something new or taking on a new hobby. If you are fit and healthy, stay active in your retirement to maintain your health and try taking on some new challenges.